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How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Car

The wedding car that you choose is much more than just a way for the bride to get to the venue. They are an integral part of the wedding and so a lot of thought needs to go into choosing the perfect car. The following tips can help you to be sure that you have considered everything that you need to in your hunt for the ideal wedding car.

Does It Fit With The Theme Of The Wedding?

If your wedding has a particular theme, then you should try and get a car that ties in with this theme. This may mean that you need to contact a company that deal with the type of vehicle that you have in mind, especially if it is something that is not readily available.

How Many People Will Be Travelling In It?

If the whole bridal party is going to be travelling in the car, then you may want something such as a limousine which will have enough room for everyone. Talk to the company about the requirements that you have in terms of the amount of people, and they will be to suggest a form of wedding transportation that will meet your requirements.

A Present for a Car Lover


One of the great things about car lovers is the fact that it's relatively easy to shop for them. Cars require a lot of work and a lot of new repairs and parts all the time. Gifts for car lovers come in many different shapes and sizes. Many of them are there to simplify the problems that drivers are going to have in this day and age. Some of them are there to make the experience of driving more comfortable or more convenient for enthusiastic drivers. It's easy to find gifts for car lovers for any occasion, whether it is a birthday or a wedding.

Vintage Car Horn

Car lovers are all going to enjoy getting outspoken with their car horns every now and again. Lots of car lovers have a fondness for almost anything to do with vintage cars, which means that vintage car horns are going to be among the most popular that people are going to find today. Vintage car horns are just the sort of gift items for boisterous and energetic people.

About The Club

Lude Behaviour was set up in September 2006 by a group of enthusiasts who wanted somewhere to meet likeminded people with a love of Hondas, specifically Preludes.

Though numbers of vehicles on the road dictates that the majority of members drive the later 4th and 5th Generation models, owners of all models are welcome. Whether you are the owner of a standard 1982 1st Generation or a heavily modified 4th Generation show car, your enthusiasm for your car is all that matters.

The Future

With your help, our intention is to make Lude Behaviour one of the best owners clubs in the UK. Although this year's season is over, we are looking at having a Christmas get together and are already planning next year's calender of events and meets, where we hope to have a good presence both on the track/strip and in the members areas.

We have already obtained varying discounts for club members from some of the best known names within the car scene and as the club grows, we are sure that more companies will be willing to offer discounts.

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